Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bicycle Riding in Living Forest Campground: I Cannot Ride Roads

I wrote in my last post concerning bicycle rides that we were going to Living Forest Campground in Nanaimo for a few days so I could practice riding my bike on paved, quiet roads that are throughout the campground.  My husband has no problem riding anywhere.   Part of the trip was also so we could test out our new screen tent which I am happy to say, went up easily and is bigger and has better roof coverage than our previous one.  This is our second Outbound purchase this year and I hope that it serves us as well as the gazebo we bought a month or so ago has done in rain and wind.  We also took our Copper Canyon tent which we never sleep in, but use to store things and it seemed a good idea to store our bikes in the tent.  Just as well, because there was a sign posted on the washroom building saying that there had been bikes stolen in the campground and to be careful.  Here is a photo of our camp.  The site is large, surrounded on three sides by trees, really a lovely spot.

living forest camp

But getting back to the main reason for our going.. to practice riding on paved roads.  It was clear to me at the start of my ride that this was not going to be easy.  The campground roads are more hilly than I remember, and I haven’t figured out how to change gears and concentrate on my riding at the same time.  Riding at my senior age is not coming easily.  At one point my husband who was in front of me, called out “car coming” and so I went to the side of the road and almost fell over onto the gravel at the side.  Thank Electra for their flat foot technology in moving the pedals forward which enabled me to catch myself.  As it was, I walked the bike up the rest of the hill and then white-knuckled it down the other side, riding the brakes to slow down.  After that it was smooth for a time but then we turned onto another road in the campground and I almost fell off again.  So that was it, shaking I walked the bike back to our camp.  I really think that my fear of what might happen if I fell is most of the reason for my problems in riding on roads.  I am defeated at the thought of  breaking a bone just before I am due to go on Saturday to the hospital for my kidney ultrasound  and on Sunday to my granddaughter’s dance recital.   And how is this trusting the Lord?   I know that my attitude is not good and that an adjustment is necessary.

So after a couple of hours, I wanted to come home.  The campground is only an hour away so at least it was not a long drive.  My husband was not happy with me but this morning I made him some pancakes for breakfast, and today we plan on going to a farm market that is starting today in Chemainus and then riding this afternoon on the Cowichan Valley Trail which is our familiar place to ride.  Husband says it will be a long time before he suggests going camping again, but next time we will leave our bikes at home when we do go camping.

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