Friday, June 3, 2016

The Bad, the Good and the Just in Time

This has been a down and up day for me..  This morning I got the results of one of my tests from yesterday and it showed a white blood cell count of 50+ which is way over what it is supposed to be..  it was not a great way to start the day.

This afternoon we went on another bike ride on the Cowichan Valley Trail and although we have ridden this trail 5 or 6 times, today I saw something I have not seen before although we have surely passed it by every time.  I guess I have been concentrating on the trail and missed what was in the farm yards just beyond the side of the trail.  So here is what I saw:

What a cute little pony!  I liked that it was looking right at me.  Kind of chubby but cute just the same.

We went our usual distance and on the way back my husband was, as usual, way in front of me.  I saw something dash across the trail in front of him and learned later that it was a rabbit.  I am thankful that my husband was not close enough to hit it.

We also passed two ladies walking 5 dogs which were on leash..  This was a nice change from the last time we rode when there were a couple of off-leash dogs.  The ladies stopped as we approached and waited until we passed.  I thanked them for doing so.

But the "just in time"  was something that would have scared me if I were riding the trail.  A fellow on a mountain bike came speeding onto the staging area and sped on down the trail at a terrific speed.  I was happy that my ride was finished before he hit the trail.  I do not know why he was going so fast, but I do wonder how the 5 dogs reacted unless he slowed down when he saw them.

You never know what the day will bring.

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